alab'Arte Catalogue - alabaster in Volterra

alab'Arte, owned by Roberto Chiti and Giorgio Finazzo, is the only company in Volterra today that represents the sector of artisanal sculpture.

After finishing their studies at the local State Art Institute and following many years of experience in artisanal alabaster studios, Roberto Chiti and Giorgio Finazzo understand the importance of keeping this artisanal tradition alive and have brought their particular workmanship back to its natural environment, to the historic center of Volterra.

Roberto and Giorgio have therefore united their experiences and their passion for this line of work, opening a workshop located just 50 meters from the important Guarnacci Etruscan Museum.

Their skill and notoriety has brought them to be frequently contacted and enlisted to carry out important restorations, such as that done on the alabaster ciborium dating back to the 1600s that is kept in the Cathedral of Potenza (renovated and with missing pieces reintegrated). They also collaborate with a variety of important contemporary artists to create works inspired by the designs of artists such as Ettore Spalletti, Chen Zhen, Tacita Dean, Anish Kapoor, Nari Ward, Sislej Xhafa, Giulio Paolini, Erkmen, Juan Munoz, Mario and Marisa Merz.

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