alab'Arte Catalogue - alabaster in Volterra

In Roberto Chiti’s and Giorgio Finazzo’s workshop it is possible to see the working of alabaster in all its stages. Without any commitment and for free, they provide information, news and suggestions to fully appreciate this absolutely fascinating material.

For organized groups, it will be a pleasure and an enriching experience to watch the “live” making of small objects shaped by hand with steady efforts.

The workshop is so interesting and distinctive that it has been chosen as a location for films, documentaries, and international TV broadcasts. It is a point of reference for schools, groups of enthusiasts, and a starting point for other artists. Even for families on holiday, entering into this workshop means enriching oneself with new experiences, overlooking an ancient world bequeathed by old craftsmen and which survives thanks the passion of Giorgio and Roberto.


The demonstration takes about 20 to 25 minutes.
Booking is mandatory and punctuality is required as in the workshop the artisans carry out their daily activities.

Rates are as follows:
- From 9 pax to 25 pax (maximum capacity): 50.00 Euro (+ VAT 22%)
- Escorts and handicapped: free

For any kind of information or booking of practical demonstrations you may contact us:
Giorgio: +39 340 9816908
Roberto: +39 340 7187189

Payment can be made on site or by bank transfer.

Giorgio Finazzo - alab'Arte, alabastro a Volterra Giorgio Finazzo - alab'Arte, alabastro a Volterra