alab'Arte Catalogue - alabaster in Volterra

alab'Arte workshop, the typical artisan bottega, is located in the historical center of Volterra, near the Etruscan Museum Guarnacci. Upon entering this environment one gets the sense of travelling back in time… the same tools, the same plaster models filling the shelves along the walls.

Roberto Chiti and Giorgio Finazzo have chosen to base their production on pieces that are expressions of their workmanship, and therefore not produced in great quantity. Each finished product is always one of a kind, unique in its various details.

For 25 years alab'Arte has continuously renewed its creativity, inventing and creating models, and from these models they give life to sculptures, illuminations and objects of modern design, not to mention the reproduction of classical sculptures (even to scale) and the carving of sculptures reproduced from drawings.

Moreover great importance is given to the selection of the primary material: alabaster, real, authentic, without giving into imitations or surrogates.

All those who would like to deepen their knowledge of the techniques of working alabaster will find Roberto and Giorgio at their disposal, both for individuals and for small groups.


Alabaster workshop - alab'Arte, alabaster in Volterra Alabaster workshop - alab'Arte, alabaster in Volterra